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Exciting news! Introducing Stainedglasslook, a one-of-a-kind art technique that will ignite your imagination, and allow you to create breathtaking pieces in no time.
Perfect for all ages and abilities, Stainedglasslook is the key to unlocking your artistic potential. You’ll be amazed at what you can create.
It is easy to get started with Gallery Glass Paint and a few simple supplies. Anyone can create their own personal masterpiece.
We use an eco-friendly approach by encouraging the use of old bottles and glassware to master the Stainedglasslook technique. Let your imagination run wild and explore the limitless possibilities.
Create art show quality pieces in just hours. Experience the satisfaction of seeing your creations come to life and leave a lasting impression.
Unleash your creativity today with Stainedglasslook and experience the joy of creating stunning pieces that will amaze and inspire. Start your artistic journey now!
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We will show you how to make an ordinary bottle into a work of art.
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Let me show you how to create a masterpiece!  StainedGlassLook online instruction is complete and exclusive. Not only will you make unforgettable eye-catching gifts, multi-purpose conversation pieces, home decor, and artwork, you will also become part of our artistic family!

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Kimberly Ghia teaches a gratifying skill, a great sense of inspiration and accomplishment. Create additional income  from the comfort of your home. People looking for a new hobby, unique gift ideas, or a business opportunity can take advantage of this enjoyable online course. Introduction to StainedGlassLook: “Jeannie in a bottle”

“With each Stained Glass Bottle creation, expect to enjoy a wonderful sense of pride, accomplishment and inspiration”
– Kimberly Ghia

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About the Course

StainedGlassLook guarantees this initial small investment will be returned by your first sale, or you will be simply delighted with your creative results.


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Kimberly’s artwork is wonderful. Each piece of art has it’s own beauty and character. I feel that this art form is going to increase in value over time! I am so sure of this that I have about 40 of these pieces in my possession. Having these beautiful things to enjoy is another plus. This is a thousand times better than watching most investments.


Love, Love, Love… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my bottles from Jeannie in a Bottle. I have two distinctively different bottles and I put them on timers; they come on at dusk and shut off at dawn… They illuminate the rooms!


Three wishes for Mom. Jeannie in a Bottle was the perfect gift for my mother. Throughout my life Mom has answered every wish I’ve made. Now I’ve been able repay in a small way by giving her three wishes!


Jeannie Bottle warms Manhattan apartment. My Jeannie in a Bottle brings a special positive glow in my Manhattan apartment. It actually blends with the magnificent skyline glittering behind it. My 4 year old child uses it as a nightlight, and let’s not forget the three wishes!


Kimberly’s work is very moving. Kimberly’s work is very moving. A friend brought his lamp bottle to my house and I put it on my late Father’s antique stereo cabinet. Now my bottle is in the same place, I can’t imagine a better way to illuminate and honor my Father’s memory.

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